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Market surveys

Our market surveys focuses on the specific needs of your satellite telecommunication business with the following objectives:

To realistically assess the market potential of a future product or service and to support you in its market positioning

To asses the market potential of an existing product/service in a specific region or country

To prepare a conservative business plan

Our market surveys are taking into account on a pragmatic manner business, technical, financial and regulatory issues and will pay a particular attention to your product/service features, potential customers requirements, competition, market opportunities & threats, local actors profiles and certification & licensing process. In particular we concentrate of the technical and commercial features your product/service will have to offer to be succesful on the market. In addition we support you in the preparation of a business plan and the identification of your potential customers and distribution partners.

With 10 years of existence and more than 40 market surveys Sea&Space cumulates extensive experience with very satisfied customers.

The result of our market survey for private companies is fully confidential. However some of our surveys reports for the European Space Agency are in the public domain and can be consulted: